Sunday, 2 October 2016

Getting Along With People of Diverse Backgrounds

In society today, people of diverse backgrounds must learn to get along with each other. How can we accomplish this goal? Here are some ways people of diverse backgrounds can get along together.
These are by no means the graven in stones rules, but I will list my ways to get along and live in a steady, peaceful environment.
One of the many ways people can get along is by asking questions about a person or situation to better understand or to gain more insight about a person of a diverse background. When you ask questions, both you and the other person can better get along and live in harmony.
The second way get along with people of diverse backgrounds is to not prejudge people and their situation. This means when you first see someone, don't be so quick to say something bad about the person. Don't dislike someone just because you had one bad experience with that nationality in the past. We must learn that different people do different things.
The third way you can better get along with people of diverse backgrounds is by listening to others' opinions. Don't be so quick to shoot them down or ignore them. If their opinion makes a good point, don't disagree just because you want to be right. Take everybody's opinion just as if it was your own opinion.
The fourth way is by taking somebody for his or her character. This means don't prejudge them but rather take them for what kind of person they are. If they are nice, fun, and easy to get along with, judge them by their character. Accept them for their good qualities and not by how they look or dress. Don't label somebody for his or her outward appearance.
These qualities can be instilled in children at a young age. If the mother and the father teach them the right way, they will grow up to be good-hearted people. It's all up to us to put forth the effort to get along. That's why people of diverse backgrounds can get along together.

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